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Dip Ghosh, Kalpabiswa Editor, showcases Kalpabigyan as India’s exclusive representative at the 81st WorldCon in Chengdu, China

Kolkata, WB, (Nov. 30, 2023) – Kalpabiswa Publication, the pioneering force in Indian science fiction and fantasy literature, is thrilled to announce a momentous achievement. Mr. Dip Ghosh, the founder and editor of Kalpabiswa, was the exclusive guest and representative of India at the 81st World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) and the prestigious Hugo Award ceremony, held in Chengdu, China from October 18th to 22nd, 2023.

This remarkable milestone marks the first instance in which a delegate from the Bengali Science Fiction (Kalpabigyan) community received an invitation to this distinguished international event.

The Worldcon, initiated in 1939 by the World Science Fiction Society, stands as a pivotal annual gathering for enthusiasts of speculative literature and cinema from across the globe. It serves as the platform for the prestigious Hugo Award, presented in various categories pertaining to science fiction and fantasy literature and films.

During his time at the 81st Worldcon, Mr. Ghosh engaged in five enriching panel discussions, encompassing themes such as SF Magazine, Best Books of 2023, Introduction to Indian Science Fiction, and Djinns in Literature. Additionally, he was accorded the honor of representing India at the Asian Science Fiction Society’s annual meeting.

Kalpabiswa Publication anticipates that Mr. Ghosh’s participation in Worldcon will pave the way for Indian vernacular and English science fiction to captivate a global audience. Furthermore, it is poised to catalyze numerous translation projects that will bridge foreign science fiction with Indian languages, and vice versa, further enriching the literary landscape.

Kalpabiswa Publication stands as the sole vernacular Indian publisher, wholly devoted to the realm of science fiction and fantasy literature in India. Complementing its efforts, the Kalpabiswa Magazine takes pride in being India’s sole bilingual speculative fiction magazine. Mr. Dip Ghosh, an eminent editor, co-founder of both the magazine and publication and a prolific translator, regularly contributes to national newspapers on the subject of Bengali science fiction, known as Kalpabigyan.

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