Time: 0110 hours

Date: 26th April, 1986

Place: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine, U.S.S.R.

You cut could the tension with a knife. Every single person present in that room – the scientists in white, their assistants, even the lowly workers in their gear – everyone’s eyes were gleaming – was it greed? A few licked their lips, as if they could physically taste the success, the culmination of their years of labour. Arunabha found this distasteful. He felt put-off by the buzz around him. This place was nothing more than a prison for him, a prison from which there was no escape. His gaze shifted from the blue glare of the computer screen to the glass wall across the room.  He could see the people feverishly working there, covered head to toe in protective gear. It was more than five years ago – that he was invited by the Soviet Union to work in this [আরো পড়ুন]

Tags: Ankita, Short Story, Subhasish Mitra, Translated from Bengali, সপ্তম বর্ষ দ্বিতীয় সংখ্যা
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“Damn! How could you let this happen?”

“Sorry, sir, it was my fault, but… but, I did rectify it within seconds.”

“That doesn’t change anything, you son-of-a-bitch! You almost screwed up my entire life’s work there! Lal, you there?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Shoot this bastard right now. I want to hear his scream.”

There came the sound of a gunshot, and almost simultaneously merging into the fading echoes of the crack, came a dying man’s pathetic scream that faded into a gurgle.

“Good riddance. Now I need to handle this.”


Ashok had just let out a moan of pleasure as he pressed the girl’s head against his crotch when his bliss was rudely interrupted by the powerful transmitter just beside his ear, alerting him to an incoming call from his boss.

Son-of-a-bitch! What a time to call! Shoving aside the girl with one hand, Ashok began pulling up his trousers while [আরো পড়ুন]

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